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Value Chain Experience

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have been faced with drastically changing market conditions. The demand side is dominated by rapidly changing legislation, an increasing number of regulations and tougher requirements placed on companies by regulatory authorities as well as increasing pricing pressure from health insurers and consumers.

The supply side of pharmaceuticals is also faced with constant changes: Globalization of the entire added value chain, trend towards outsourcing production, new competitors and sales channels as well as the expiry of important blockbuster patents. These conditions put a lot of additional pressure on pricing and at the same time challenge old industry structures. A company must be willing to change in order to survive.
Vivitel knows the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry at present and helps companies operating in this sector recognize changes and use them to their advantage. Value chain excellence provides them with an all-important competitive edge.
With pharmaceuticals being one of our focus industries we have been specializing in providing tailored processes and industry solutions for many years – from strategic concepts to realizing visible results.