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      Viivtel Communications Inc.

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a company founded  in Canada having presence in  USA , UAE , KSA , PAKISTAN.

Viivtel Communications Inc. was created mainly to make wholesale VoIP termination process automatic and fast for small  and medium-sized VoIP providers.

The company is dealing with around 100 vendors in Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa, providing them with high quality VoIP Termination Services, affordable at competitive rates and most favorable prices.

The automatic quality controllers of our switching and routing system make the process of VoIP termination easy, quick and effective. 24/7 online account access and VoIP calls to any destination at any time available at Viivtel Communications Inc.. Our Rapid Support system enables our customers to get solutions to their problems within the shortest time frame.

Through the delivery of the best wholesale SIP services, we meet the needs of the most demanding VoIP resellers, broadening our cover zone with every passing day!

Viivtel Communications Inc. offers you Business and Mobile VoIP Solutions as well.

Viivtel Communications Inc. provides you with the opportunities to purchase DID Numbers and forward them to your SIP account building your complete business VoIP network.



Telecommunication has revolutionized in the past decade from traditional networks to more sophisticated networks where software plays a more important role in setting up networks and services. Engineering and implementing such networks require a skill set of a System Integrator who has in depth knowledge of networking with the added knowledge of traditional telecommunication solutions to resolve interfacing issues of the Next Generation Networks with the legacy networks.


Vivitel Communications Inc incorporated in Canada is a service based operator with its presence in UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. We are Asian communication carrier's carrier specialize in Asian, Middles East, African and Latin America Region. We focus on Retail and Wholesale Voice Termination, our premium quality with competitive pricing model helps us to connect with long distance carriers.


The core team of Vivitel Communications Inc has experience of 11 years in the field of telecommunication and IT. This team has earned its recognition in the market by designing indigenous products, designing and implementing networks and providing after sales support.

Vivitel Communications Inc. started its operations in 2004 to deliver telecommunications services utilizing cutting-edge-technology

We have highly trained and certified technicians with operational management team. State of the Art testing and diagnostic software’s are used to provide immaculate quality to our end partners.

We are connected with 550 Carriers across the globe and carrying 150 million voice minutes per month for our core destinations. We also focus on ATOZ Platinum which is most competitive as per our customer feedback.

Viivtel Communications Inc. VoIP Provider: We're ready to exceed your expectations!